Lodge Officers

Lodge Chief | Francisco Orozco

Francisco is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor from Troop 6 and Crew 6. Some of his past Order of the Arrow positions include Chapter Chief, Vice Chief of Program, Vice Chief of Administration, Committee Chairmen, Conclave Vice Chief, and the 2017 Lodge Chief. Francisco also attended the past program National Leadership Seminar in 2015 and attended the new NLS program in 2018. In addition, served on staff in the 2017 Jamboree and the 2018 NOAC. Francisco is currently a sophomore at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and works in the South Texas Council as a Scoutreach team member.


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Lodge Vice Chief of Program | Andres Sens

Andres Sens is the Vice Chief of Program. His hobbies are watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. He has staffed 2 NYLT’s and is going on his 3rd. He works at McDonald’s and knows everything about his job. He watches scary movies just for the fun of it and can’t focus for the life of him. He loves jamming out to musicals and old good rock.

Lodge Secretary | Justin Swize

Justin Swize is an Eagle Scout from Troop 60 in Goliad, TX. He is serving as the Lodge secretary for 2018-2019. He served as Lodge Treasurer last year and has served as Chapter Chief and Chapter Vice Chief. Justin is involved in AIA with Karankawa Lodge. He was on the 2018 Singing team that competed at NOAC. He is a grass dancer and has competed at NOAC and Lonestar Fellowship where he placed 2nd in 2018 and 1st in 2017.

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Lodge Treasurer | Sebastian Cerda


Adult Leadership

Lodge Advisor | Sharon Swize

Sharon Swize is serving as the Lodge Adviser. She is Advancement Chair for Troop 60 in Goliad. She began her scouting experience as a Girl Scout and achieved the highest Award – First Class (known as Gold Award now). She is the mother of two Gold Award daughters and a son who is an Eagle Scout.  She served as the contingent leader for the 2018 NOAC. Sharon has a Master’s of Science in Food Science and Technology from Texas A&M University and her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition from Texas A&M University. She is Registered Dietitian with Region 3 Early Childhood Intervention.

Lodge Staff Advisor | David Hebert

The service area two field director is responsible for all district operations, unit service and membership growth in the service area and supervises district executives in La Salle, Venado, Brush Country, and Pawnee Districts. David also gives staff leadership to our Order of the Arrow program, council commissioner team, and other council programs. The Service Area Two field director reports to the Scout Executive. As Staff Advisor, David oversees financial operations of the lodge.

Supreme Chief of the Fire | Martin (Marty) Sepulveda

Marty is the Chief Executive Officer for the council. The Scout Executive/Chief Executive Officer reports to the Council Executive Board.  Marty gives leadership to the council’s governance procedures/committees, and all council fundraising activities. As Supreme Chief, Marty is responsible for making sure all OA and BSA policies are followed in the lodge and council